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Alex Coke-saxes/flutes/whistles
Steve Feld-trombones
Tina Marsh-voice
Bob Paredes-clarinet
Catherine Schieve-accordian/slide flutes
Dave Morgan-bass
Rock Savage-drums

Illustration © Bill Montgomery 1989
daagnim 17
availible as Cassette and Record

Side One

  • Hoday (duet:Catherine/Steve)
  • Sylvie
  • Hoday (duet:Alex/Bob)
  • Boll Weevil
  • Hoday (duet:Tina/Rock)

    Side Two

  • Western Plains
  • Hoday (ensemble)
  • Go Down 'Ol Hannah
  • Hoday (duet:Caterine/Dave)

    Recorded & mixed by David Hough June 21,1987 Studio D
    Austin, Texas
    Produced by Alex Coke and Steve Feld
    All words and Music by Huddie Ledbetter

    Founded in February of 1986 in order to research the music of Huddie Ledbetter, the legendary Texas blues and folk singer, the group takes vintage Leadbelly folk blues and field chants and infuses them with modern jazz sensibilities


    daagnim Records
    1127 N Clinton
    Dallas, Texas 75208

    USA/Canada Distribution:

    North Country Distributors
    The Cadence Building
    Redwood, New York 13679
    tel (315) 287-2852, fax (315) 287-2860

    Alex Coke alexcoke@xs4all.nl
    Steve Feld 71532.2344@compuserve.com

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