CLUBS $60.00, not to exceed 4 hours Includes engagements for lounges, nightclubs, bars, pubs,
restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses.

FREE ADMISSION PUBLIC CONCERTS $75.00 Sidemusician, not to exceed 2 hours Engagements where the
presentation of live music is made available at no charge to the public. Included are performances
at public schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other publicly supported institutions for the
disabled and infirm.

SHOWS $110.00, not to exceed 3 hours Includes, but is not limited to, the following types of
engagements performed at the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Performing Arts Centers: Topfer Theater
and Rollins Theater, University of Texas Center for the Performing Arts, Paramount Theater, Austin
Music Hall, The Backyard, and other auditoriums, theaters, stadiums and arenas in this jurisdiction:
ExpositionsAthletic EventsRodeosStyle Shows, PageantsTrade ShowsFairsIndustrial ShowsIce
ShowsPromotional EventsLivestock ShowsTraveling Road ShowsCircuses(Except CBAs) LOCAL THEATER, DANCE
$75.00, not to exceed 3 hours Local, non-touring, non-roadshow productions and
exhibitions that are not covered by an existing Collective Bargaining Agreement.

LARGER VENUES $135.00, not to exceed 3 hours Musical performances requiring paid admission and
open to the general public at the following sites: University of Texas Frank Erwin Center, Austin
Convention Center, Texas Exposition and Heritage Center, South Park Meadows, Joe R. and Teresa
Lozano Long Performing Arts Center: Large Theater, Auditorium Shores at Town Lake, City Coliseum,
and Rock Island at Zilker Park(the Soccer Fields).

GENERAL $60.002 hours (Minimum) $80.003 hours $100.004 hours Engagements not falling in any previous
category are classified as General and include the following as examples: Parties - Gatherings
Receptions Religious - Ceremonial -Educational Parties Dances Weddings Churches, Cathedrals,
TemplesOratoriosFestivalsCarnivalsPicnicsFuneral, Memorial ServicesSchool
Commencements Concerts Parades Political/ElectionCantatas Lectures and Demonstrations
FEES CARTAGE A cartage fee is to be paid at the indicated rates for the following instruments:
Acoustic Bass$10.00
Other Keyboard Instruments
(At least 44 keys)10.00
Congas (Per Set)10.00
Timpani (each kettle)7.50
B-3,C-3, or M-3
Electric Piano20.00
Bass Saxophone5.00
PA Systems20.00
Contra Bass Clarinet5.00
Instrument Amplifier10.00
Hand drum & misc. large, percussion instr.-ea. Pedal Steel Guitar10.00 (up to a maximum of $10.00)

2.50 Cartage is due for transport and set-up for every rehearsal, session or performance.
Cartage is not due when the equipment is not required to be moved.

CONTINUOUS PLAYING A break of 15 minutes is required for each contracted hour of performance. Such
time can be used at the discretion of the Leader. However, any musician that is required to play
more than 2 hours without an intermission is to receive 150% of the minimum Fee for the engagement
to which otherwise he/she was entitled.

CONTRACTOR MINIMUM FEE The Contractors Minimum Fee is equal to the applicable Sidemusician Minimum
Fee. A musically performing Contractors minimum fee, accordingly, is double.

DOUBLING When a contract, Contractor or Leader requires that a musician play additional, specific
instruments for a rehearsal, session, or performance, a doubling fee is due for each instrument
played in addition to the principal instrument. The doubling fee is not due on instruments brought
to the job and played for personal gratification. No more than one doubling fee will be allowed for
Free Public Concerts without special clearance from the President. First Double -- 15% of
Sidemusician Minimum FeeEa. Added Double -- 10% of Sidemusician Minimum Fee HOLIDAYS The holiday fee
multiple applicable to Sidemusician, Contractor and Leader minimum fees for all Engagements
occurring on the following Holidays is: New Years Eve200%Christmas Eve200%Easter Service200%July
4125%New Years Day150%Christmas Day200%Thanksgiving125%Labor Day125% LEADER MINIMUM FEE 150% of the
Sidemusician Minimum Fee for Club Engagements including Overtime, Continuous Playing, and Holiday
Fees; 200% of the applicable Sidemusician Minimum Fee for All Other Engagements, including
Rehearsals, Overtime, Continuous Playing, and Holiday Fees.

OVERTIME Overtime occurs when either (1) the actual length of the Engagement exceeds the length of
time contracted, (2) musicians are required to be present in excess of 4 hours without leaving the
premises, whether performing, or not or (3) the maximum number of hours for the applicable
Sidemusician Minimum Fee for the Engagement is exceeded. Overtime is calculated as follows: 150% of
the hourly rate for engagement, prorated in hour increments.

REHEARSALS--$22.50 per hour (two hour minimum) This is the fee for organized, formal rehearsals that
are required by the contract, Contractor, and/or Leader. A break of 10 minutes is required for each
contracted hour of rehearsal.

SINGLE PERFORMER MINIMUM FEE The fee is 150% of the applicable Sidemusician Minimum Fee.

SOUND CHECKS Sound checks that require a musicians presence at the venue for more than one hour will
be paid as rehearsals. Accordingly, the fee due each musician is that of a rehearsal (with a 2 hour
minimum charge, i.e. $45.00).

SPECIAL DRESS Payment of the cost of uniforms, costumes, or other special dress requirements (except
for tuxedos) is not to be required of musicians working for the minimum fees contained herein.

TRAVEL There is a travel surcharge of $.30 per mile per vehicle and driver, and $.05 a mile per
occupant. There is no travel surcharge for engagements within a 35 mile radius of the home base of
the musical group.

LOCAL COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS The Austin Federation of Musicians is a principal to
collective bargaining agreements with (1) the Austin Symphony Orchestra Society, Inc. and (2) the
Austin Lyric Opera. These agreements govern certain professional relationships with each employers
musicians and embody the terms, working conditions, and pay rates peculiar to each orchestra. For
more information concerning these agreements contact the office. Each of these Orchestras is served
by an elected Committee of its members, which in turn serves on behalf of the orchestra as a liaison
between the Union and each employer organization. Each Orchestra Committee assists the Union in the
development, negotiation, and enforcement of the terms of these contracts between each employer and
its musician employees.

INTERNATIONAL COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS Certain types of engagements are within the
jurisdiction of the American Federation of Musicians and are subject to special arrangements
negotiated by the International. Special contract forms must be used and special conditions must be
met by both the musician and the purchaser. The performance of music for the purposes of recording,
radio, television, videotapes, film and cable and touring generally is in the jurisdiction of the
International and is subject to geographically uniform rates, terms and conditions. It is imperative
that one contact the Local for specific information on each agreement.


OFFICE HOURS: 12:00 N to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday

TEL (512) 440-1414 (Messages may be left at all hours)

FAX (512) 440 1481

STREET ADDRESS: 1515 South IH 35, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78741

MAILING ADDRESS: P. O. Box 161480, Austin, Texas 78716

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