Bill Averbach


The eclectic style of the Austin Klezmorim is a fusion of the old and the new; Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Oriental traditions fused with American Jazz from the 20's to the present, South American music, and Southwestern music. Through this synthesis the Austin Klezmorim produce some of the most soulful and contemporary music in Texas without losing the traditional flavors that have passed the true test of time. Their music includes horas, shers, bulgars and jazz styles that evoke images of the Roaring Twenties, the Steppes of Eastern Europe, the dry deserts of the Middle East and the fiery emotionalism of America's contemporary East and West Coast jazz scenes, all with a flavor of Texas. Their concert program provides an insider's view of Jewish music and their workshops for children and adults are informative and provocative as well as highly entertaining, offering "hands-on" experience with Jewish music.

The Austin Klezmorim have several recordings out on cassette and compact disc. Their latest recording, EAST OF ODESSA, is the first cd of klezmer music to come out of Texas and has received international acclaim. It has just been re-released on Global Village Records and is selling like hotcakes or maybe I should say "latkes". In addition to beautiful renditions of some of the classic klezmer music the Austin Klezmorim have recorded some original pieces on their cd such as ZELTSER VASSER, LOSIM GAYN, and THE BIG MEGILLAH, which have been chosen for various film animation and video projects to be released this year. Their newest project, temporarily called BUBBAS FROM THE STEPPES OF TEXAS should be released in the Spring of '96 and promises to be a very special recording combining the traditional and that which is truly Texas.

What they are saying about the Austin Klezmorim...