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Alex Coke-tenor saxophone/flute
Rich Harney-piano
Evan Arredondo-bass
A. D. Mannion-drums

Illustration © Ralph Yznaga 1990

Side One

  • The Green Song (Alex Coke)
  • Ellingtones (Harney)
  • Sushi Breath (Alex Coke)

    Side Two

  • Basquing Beauty (Alex Coke)
  • Harmoney and Grits (Harney)
  • Aperitief (Alex Coke)
  • One For Evan (Harney)

    Recorded by David Hough 7/30/85 at A.R.S.
    David McNair 6/13/86 at Arlyn Studio
    Mastered Sound Recorders
    Austin, Texas

    Formed in 1985 and co-led by Alex Coke and Rich Harney, this is a mainstream modern jazz quartet based in the traditional be-bop mold. The repertoire includes jazz classics and originals. The group won Musician Magazine's 1990 Best of the Unsigned Bands contest.

    Coke and Harney have played together in various bands for 23 years.


    The Worthy Constituents-(independent cassette) 1986

    Best of the B.U.B.S.-(Warner Brothers CD) 1990

    Alex Coke
    or Rich Harney at (512) 218-1534

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